• Rotate 360 °

    Ergonomic mounting

    GPS base of police speed control devices

    Detection of all types of radars

    Full HD video

  • Rotate 360 °

    Emergency recording button

    Simple and intuitive interface

    Video recording on MicroSD

    3” IPS-touchscreen

    Optimal informational content on the screen

    Instant switch off for radar sound


The first touch control hybrid device with functions of a radar detector and dashboard camera

Integral interface

Neoline has not just combined two different devices in one frame, but created a first full-featured hybrid with integral interface, incredibly simple and convenient.

Touch control

Easy navigation through the menu options, variety of settings and a large touch screen make Neoline X-COP 9500 a very handy and easy-to-use device.

High-definition video

Camera optics that consists of 6 glass lenses,; Ambarella A7 processor, the most powerful at the moment, and Aptina AR0330 matrix guarantee impeccable quality of video at any weather.

Detection of all types of radars

Neoline X-COP 9500 provides the most advanced radar detector so far. It steadily registers all speed detection devices that are currently used by the traffic police.

Optimal informational content on the screen

The most complete information about police radars, detected by Neoline X-COP 9500 radio and GPS- modules is shown on the screen. You can instantly turn off the alarm volume by pressing the notification window.

Part reliability

Neoline X-COP 9500 - is a joint development of leading European and Korean experts in automotive electronics. Neoline X-COP 9500 -is a perfect mix of Korean quality, reliability and functionality adapted to the needs of the European market.


GPS base of police speed control devices

This device has an integrated GPS-module, responsible for detecting police radar points previously saved in the GPS base. Like its predecessors, Neoline X-COP 9500 has an integrated radar database for Europe. In the EU countries, where the use of radio modules is prohibited, all frequency bands must be switched off, only the GPS-module remains active. Updated radar bases are available at neoline.com every 2 weeks.

Trip-Track video control system

Neoline X-COP 9500 is configured to detect the most advanced Trip-Track cameras that use the video unit and the optical license plate recognition technology to monitor average car speed on a road section from 500 m. to 10 km.

Neoline X-COP 9500 notifies the driver of such cameras and informs about exceeding speed limit on this road section.

X-COP Automatic Mode

X-COP mode is designed by Neoline specialists to adjust alert modes:

  • • 1-40 km/h - only screen notification;
  • • 41-70 km/h - City mode on (low sensitivity, less "false" signals);
  • • more than 71 km/h - Highway mode on (higher sensitivity for police radars).

Minimum warning limit

This function is designed to set a minimum speed limit for Neoline X-COP 9500 radar detector to notify the driver of radars only with a message on the screen. When minimum speed limit is exceeded, sound and voice notifications are added.This feature, lets the Neoline X-COP 9500 radar detector draw the driver’s attention only to significant police radar signals. Thee feature is not available in the X-COP mode

Adding coordinate police radar coordinates

In the standard mode, you will see a GPS icon on the screen. Click on it to add or delete new data coordinates. That way you will be able to enter information on new fixed police cameras.



High quality of video in Neoline X-COP 9500 is provided by A 7 processor, the best-to-date processor from Ambarella company, the leading manufacturer of video processors.


Neoline X-COP 9500 is equipped with Aptina AR0330 - a new generation matrix, camera optics of 6 glass lenses - they guarantees consistent high quality and sharpness of video both in daytime and in night scenes. Neoline X-COP 9500 resolution is 1920x1080 pixels and shooting speed - 30 frames per second.


Videos are sorted in 3 folders: standard recording, emergency recording and parking mode. Large screen is quite convenient to view recently recorded videos. They can also be viewed in a special X-COP player that shows latitude, longitude, direction, current speed. The player can also be used to take screenshots and change settings.



  • Neoline X-COP 9500
  • Suction cup mounting on the windshield
  • 3M adhesive tape mounting on the windshield
  • Cigarette lighter charger
  • User guide
  • Warranty card

General characteristics

  • Integral interface for dashboard camera and the radar detector
  • 3” IPS-touchscreen
  • 2 buttons: On / Off and Emergency recording
  • Audio recording: On / Off
  • Mini HDMI connector
  • Input voltage: 12-24 V
  • Working temperature: -20 +70 ºC

Radar detector details

  • GPS- base of European police radars
  • Trip-Track detection
  • Detection of all types of moderncontemporary police radars
  • Separate icons for the main types of police radars
  • Maximum informational content on the display:
    • Time
    • Current speed
    • Speed limit for the road section
    • Average vehicle speed
    • Separate notification for the GPS signal and the radio module
    • Modes: "City", "Highway", X-COP automatic
  • Convenient update of the GPS database and firmware
  • "Cold" start - search for satellites for 40-90 seconds.
  • "Warm" start - search for satellites for 5-10 seconds.
  • Police radar coordinates added in 1 click
  • Voice stips in English/li>
  • Volume adjustment
  • VG-2 counter- detection shielding
  • Detection range 1 ~ 2 km

Характеристики Видеорегистратора

  • Процессор: Ambarella A7LA50
  • Матрица: AR0330 (Aptina, Full HD)
  • 6 оптических линз
  • Разрешение 1920х1080 (30 к/с), 1280х720 (30 к/с)
  • Угол обзора: 125° (5 дорожных полос)
  • Аккумулятор: 200 мА/ч, 5C, 3.7В
  • Формат записи: MP4
  • Циклическая запись
  • Режим парковки
  • Автоотключение дисплея
  • MicroSD (8Гб -32 Гб) SDHC Class 10
  • G-сенсор, датчик движения
  • Micro SDHC карты до 32 Гб